Wednesday, September 27, 2006

food cravings

Since I moved to Kansas City, I've been cooking everyday in order to feed myself (well, if you consider making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as cooking...). And it was okay, for a while. I like taking out the pots and pans and trying to duplicate what Mom used to feed me (which is a bit hard to do when the Asian market is located ALL THE WAY DOWNTOWN--too far for my two little legs). Besides, I'm actually eating healthier now that I have to make my own food. Turkey sandwiches, chicken-n-salsa, chicken-n-pasta, spaghetti, rice and eggs, yada yada yada.

However, I'm now bored of cooking for myself. I am craving fast food so bad I'm willing to walk the twenty blocks down Main Street to get to Burger King. It's been so long...

Other food cravings include:
--In-N-Out Combo #3 (hamburger, fries and soda).
--Lollicup milk tea with extra boba
--a vietnamese sandwich from SF Chinatown
--warm, gooey Krispy Kreme doughnuts directly from the store and not in boxes sitting out for god knows how long at Price Chopper (I know there's a Krispy Kreme somewhere around KC area, but no one is willing to drive me there. Grr, I will learn the bus system one day!)
--chicken sandwich combo from Burger King
--2am food cravings requiring a stop at Jack-In-The-Box for 99 cents tacos and Jumbo Jacks

that's just to name a few. I need a P&J now.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

To be or not to be... class on the Friday before Thanksgiving break?

For us lucky students at my school, we get the whole week off for Thanksgiving break, meaning people can get out of town as soon as the last class is over on Friday, Nov. 17.

My current dilemma: whether or not to skip classes on Friday the 17th in order to be on a cheap flight back to Boston or go to classes and take a flight out on Saturday.

Why the dilemma? Last day of classes is Nov. 30, FOUR days after you get back from the Thanksgiving holiday.

Pros: flights are cheaper by almost $100 if you fly in the morning as opposed to the evening

Cons: possibility of missing some important information about the reading assignment for contracts and criminal law

Pros: getting to spend an extra day with the family you've ignored for the last six months

Cons: possibility of missing review session(s) in each of the classe of contracts and criminal law

Pros: getting an extra day to eat all Mom's delicious home cooking

Cons: possibility of missing some crucial information required for the final exams

Pros: you've never missed class before so one day isn't going to hurt

Cons: ohmygoodness I CAN'T SKIP CLASSES!!

what to do? what to do?

okay, any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks.

what you should never hear in class

Professor: Ms. XYZ, tell me about the facts our next case.

Ms. XYZ: Um, I...didn't read that case. I'

Prof: Please see me after class.

Note to self: ALWAYS DO THE READING and NEVER say you're not prepared for class.

Monday, September 25, 2006

You know it's 5:45pm when the fat man blows his bagpipes

Everyday after classes, I aim to get all of my reading for the next day completed by 5:30pm. Then afterwards, I'll put my books away in my locker and start walking home to veg out in front of the TV.

And everyday when I start my walk home, I know exactly when it's 5:45pm because that's when this nice old man starts playing his bagpipes as he walks around the block. I don't know why he does this, but he does it everyday. I even saw him playing on the weekends, at 5:45pm, when I was walking back from the gym.

For most people, it's not over until the fat lady sings. For me, the day is done is when the fat man blows his bagpipes.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Can provocation be used as a defense?

If you were provoked by your spouse with just words, i.e. "I slept with your best friend and he was a better screw than you will ever be," and you couldn't handle her taunts and decided to stab her with a kitchen knife until she died, can you claim provocation as a defense to mitigate your conviction of second degree murder to manslaughter?

You can't in Missouri because she didn't do the dirty deed in front of you so there's not sufficient provocation for "a reasonable person" to act in the way that you did. Tough it out.


If you are a male and were approached by a homosexual male who said that he has a crush on you and wanted to do all the sexual acts that homosexual men do to one another, and this provoked you to the point of killing him with a kitchen knife, would that be sufficient to claim provocation so that your charge of murder two gets lowered to manslaughter?

You can't in Missouri because he didn't actually have sex with you, therefore not sufficient provocation for "a reasonable person" to act the way that you did. It's just words, get a thicker skin.


If you and your best friend were out drinking and in the middle of the drinking affair, your friend confesses that not only did he have sexual relations with your wife but he also had sexual relations with your 14 year old daughter. BUT you're not yet provoked, because for some odd reason, you decided to invite your friend back to your place to continue the drinking in front of a tv and watch the football game. While you and your friend are sitting on the couch in front of the tv drinking beers one after the other, your 14 year old daughter comes down and situates herself between the two of you. Now your friend starts fondling your daughter and the two of them start making out in front of you. At this point, you're a little bit provoked but not enough to do anything other than yell at them to cut it out, which they do. Your friend then continues to go into the kitchen, where you follow him minutes later and find out that his male part is hanging out and he's masturbating in your kitchen. You can't take it anymore and grab the kitchen knife and steal him.

Was there enough provocation here to lower your murder two charge to manslaughter?

Not if you're living in Missouri, because there was no act of sexual intercourse, therefore a "reasonable person" would tough it out.

Goodness it's tough living in Missouri.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Quote of the Day from Contracts Professor

The case we were discussing in Contracts class today involved child support and whether the "father" was required to pay child support if DNA testing proved he was not the biological father of the child, but at the time of birth, he agreed to put his name on the birth certificate anyway.

Before we got into the core of the base, the professor told us what he learned while growing up in South America:

"Mama's baby, Daddy's maybe."

BF Quote of the Day

Me: You've been working so hard lately.

BF: I work hard to pay your bills.

Me: What bills of mine have you paid?

BF: Your food bill for one.

Me: Hey! You haven't had to take me out to dinner for two months already!

BF: Food bill, ha! I don't just buy food for you, I have to go out and get FEED for the way you eat.


BF: kiss kiss kiss kiss make nice time

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

my brain on 3.5 hours of sleep

-I can't believe I feel so full of energy and it's only 9am!

-Can I last through this boring Westlaw training? How hard is it to type in the citation and get a case? A monkey can do it.

-Thirty minutes left of this training...twenty-nine minutes left to this training...oh, this is such a pretty water bottle, I need to wash it when I get home....twenty seven minutes left to this training...

-What? I didn't get that rewards screen. Where is it? How come I didn't get there? I pushed the same buttons! WHY ME?!?!

-...fifteen minutes left to this training...thirteen minutes left to this training....

-Yay, finished early. Whoo hoo! Must go get books for Torts class.

-Wow, I'm still energized and it's only 10am. I don't feel tired at all.

-typing typing typing torts, chattels, trespass, land, typing typing, review...what? review already? We're only halfway through the class?

-yes, liable for that if you do this...yep, liable for conversion if you throw that into his yard...yeah, liable for trespass if you stole his keys and sold it to someone else...okay, got this down.

-Class over, yes!! I'm so hungry, must run home to eat.

-the Boy thinks I'll crash before the day is over. Ha! I even planned on going to the gym today after finishing homework in the library. I'll show him who's gonna crash.

-lunch was good. time for property class. It's only 12:45 and ready to start.

-12:55, good gosh I'm tired! I can't keep my eyes open. What the hell is she talking about? Cattle? oh, no, it's chattel. ha ha, chattels are the softer cousins of cattle. Hee hee, I love the property professor.

-email the Boy that I'm getting tired and don't feel like going to the gym anymore.

-Boy emails back with a huge HA HA and I TOLD YOU SO that I was gonna crash.

-...thirty more minutes to go...people, don't you understand the meaning of gift already? come on now, let's move on to finder's keepers loser's weepers...

-...ooh, I found a piece of caramal candy. Must get sugar into the system. Tear it open and stuff it into your mouth now!! yummy yummy sugar.

-..ten more minutes, i can pay attention for ten more minutes, just ten more minutes...

-hmm, should i go home and take a nap, then do homework, or do homework now then go home for a nap...gym? what gym? what's a gym?

-aw screw it, if I take a nap now, I'll never go to sleep later...why is everyone leaving? Class is over? Whoo hoo! oh wait, I have to go do homework.

-this case in contracts is soooooo boring. Why can't Mrs. King just share her famous husband's work? Why does it matter if she holds title to Dr. King's papers? Share the wealth lady.

-two more chapters to go....just two more chapters to go...

-done with homework!! thank the homework fairy!! I'm not tired anymore. In fact, I'm actually quite energized. Perhaps I will try to run off this energy on the treadmill. And maybe that will make me tired enough to actually fall asleep tonight.

-hating the gym has now bitten me in my hiney...i actually have to go exercise in order to sleep now? wtf is that?

-I need prescription sleeping pills.

-Are we there yet?

Monday, September 11, 2006

high school all over again

Is 1L supposed to be like high school?

For instance:

1. Lockers. Why must we be subjected to lockers and combinations again? Not only is the locker area crowded into a 12' x 12' space, but there's actually a line we have to wait in in order to get to our locker. And the lockers are half sizes, and if you were lucky, you got the top locker. And if you were unlucky, like me, you get the bottom locker and always run the risk of having the clumsy person drop his books on you from his top locker. Get some muscles and hold onto your books, mister!

2. Lunchroom politics. Okay, so there's no real cafeteria at the law school but there are two areas where students go to eat their packed lunch: the student lounge and outside on the terrace. And like high school, seatings is based on a) groupie seating, i.e. the 2Ls get first dibs at student lounge and 1Ls must suffer in the heat of the sun outside on the terrace; b) first come first serve seating if you don't want to be in a group; or c) eventually your unnamed group gets named by others as "the overachievers," "the jocks" or "the queens."

3. The popularity contest. Remember student government? Remember how the voting was most likely dependent upon how popular the candidate was? Yeah, well the same goes for the current campaign for 1L Student Bar Association Representatives. I think voting is this Thursday and Friday, and already the candidates have prostituted themselves for votes (I'll brief three cases for your criminal law class if you vote for me), used lots of candy as bribery, give out free coffee and donuts every morning, used their friends to get votes (if you're my friend, you'll vote for Sue), and even used the 10 minutes before class starts to do a quick 1 minute campaign blurb. I barely know the people in my section, let alone know who the other candidates in the other sections are. But, whoever can give me the most candy gets my vote.

4. The gossip. Ohmygosh, I don't know a third of the people in my class and already I know that Sue went to the party with Billy, got drunk with Fred and ended up going home with Bob. And I have no idea who Sue, Billy and Fred are!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I tried to continue Q's cupcake obsession but my roomie did not allow me the time to purchase a cupcake for research purposes. I also couldn't find the prices for these things, but I vow to go back to this Tea Shop so that I can fully carry out the cupcake research.

Irish Fest 2006

Over Labor Day weekend, my friend and I went to the Kansas City Irish Fest, where they dyed the fountains green! It was kinda neat to see green water but when you got up close, it was also a bit grotesque...perhaps a darker shade of green would have been better?

It was really, REALLY hot outside, so imagine how happy I was when I saw all the little kiddies running through this interactive fountain. Thankfully, the water wasn't dyed green and I couldn't help but try to cool off by standing as close as possible without getting all wet.

Unfortunately, my flip-flops got a little bit too wet and being the klutz that I am, I naturally slipped on the wet flip-flops and almost had a full bath in the fountains. Luckily, my bottom dried off after walking around for 15 minutes in the scorching sun. Although I did get lots of stares afterwards....

hee hee, some of the wares that were for sale at the Irish Fest.

So this "Yorkie" here is actually a brand of chocolate from Ireland.

The only reason I bought this piece of chocolate was because of this warning:

I just had to find out if eating this chocolate would give me warts or turn me green. Why would a company decide to ban girls from eating chocolate? Perhaps that was the intention all along: warn girls against eating the chocolate, which peeks the girls' curiosities so much that they have to eat it.

And so I ate it. And I didn't get warts or turn green. But I did get a tiny little zit the next day. Damn chocolate!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

pick-up line of the night

"So, I just found out my girlfriend has like five other boyfriends she seeing while she's with me. How about you two come join me in Apt. 6 so I can catch up with my girlfriend?"

Yeah, you go on home and I'll be right over....when pigs fly.

Monday, September 04, 2006

I don't work here

Yesterday, I went with the Roomie to go get some food at the Farmer's Market/City Market in downtown Kansas City. Once we got there, we split up and went about our own separate ways in getting the veggies we each needed for the week. I was looking at some grapes and pondering about whether I should buy it, this family of three were also looking at the same grapes I was looking at.

As I picked up a bunch of grapes and squeezed them to test for firmness, the son (I would guess his age to be 15), looks at me and asks, "Excuse me, do you work here? We want to buy some grapes. Can you get it for us?"

Yes, it was a family of Caucasion and the son spoke with a harsh southern accent, and apparantly the only Asian person standing near the grapes must be the person who's also selling it.

How did I respond? Oh wouldn't you like to know. Let's just say I told him that I wasn't the owner of the booth and that the owner was standing near the bananas.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

walking walking walking

My last class was over at 3pm and I was ready to start the Labor Day weekend. But wait a minute, what is a girl supposed to do without a car? There's not many options for pedestrians around here. And plus it was hot and humid, with the sun shining high above--who wants to walk in that weather?

I do! No, I wasn't crazy. I just didn't want to be sitting at home watching tv while it was so nice and sunny out. Plus my roommate went out of town so I'm really just stuck in the apartment if I didn't start using my two legs. My destination was the County Club Plaza, the closest thing to a mall within walking distance from my apartment.

So I started out on my walk, dressed in just a tank top and skirt (trust me, it was hot), and let's just say that not many people walk around here. I did find a bus stop, but still didn't see the bus. On my way, I discovered there's a Chinese restaurant two blocks from my apartment, an Osco drug stores next to the chinese restaurant, a subway restaurant, a Chipotle's, the Post Office, a beauty salon, the Kansas City Public Library, and a big chain Chinese Resturant, Bo Ling's--Chinese Please! All this located within a 5 minute walk from my apartment. I guess I'm not in the middle of no where.

The next ten minutes of walking took me across a couple of major intersections and a creek before I got to the Plaza, which is a collection of brand name stores set up like an outdoor style mall. I did a bunch of window shopping because there's no need to buy clothes anymore, but really there's just no need to BUY anymore. I did, however, take advantage of the Bath and Body Works "5 for $15" sale of anti-bacterial hand soaps.

After a couple of hours, I wanted to start walking back home but the heat was getting to me and I really didn't want to walk back home in the sun. I found another bus stop and comtemplated waiting for the bus. The only problem was that I had no small change on me and I really didn't know how much the fare was. In trying to find someone to inquire about the bus fare, I spotted Coldstone Cremery and came up with a better idea. I'll walk home eating ice-cream to keep me cool! But of course, before I could do that without feeling guilty, I called The Boy to confess my sins of ice-cream cravings. He was too ill to care what I was stuffing into my mouth, so a mint chocolate chip brownie fudge waffle cone gave me all the motivation I needed to make the 15 minute walk back home. It was a good thing too, because I still didn't see a bus go by as I made my way home.

Today, I'm heading to the Irish Festival with a friend and hopefully will have pictures to share.