Wednesday, March 29, 2006

greeting card rip off

Who pays $14.95 for a greeting card?

Yes, it's pretty and handmade but still. $14.95 is a bit much for a card with "Congratulations" written on the inside.

I would have scanned it in and posted it on here to show you what it looked like, but I wasn't dumb enough to spend that much on a greeting card.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

yummy lobster

I just ate half of a giant lobster prepared in the Chinese style of black bean sauce and green peppers.

I feel like a pig.

But it was a damn good lobster.

And I can't wait to finish the other half of that sumptuous lobster tomorrow.

Friday, March 24, 2006

another sighting on the train

This 5 year old was talking his mom's cell phone, saying cute little 5 year old stuff. Then he hangs up and gives the phone back to his mom, to which she replied: "Honey, I wanted to keep talking to her."

So the mom calls back "her" and continues talking on the phone with "her". Her son, meanwhile, found an empty seat and sat down. He continued to take off his shoe and begin to examine the workings of his velco straps.

Okay, so there's this boy sitting with one shoe in his hand, and his mother standing with one hand on her cell phone and talking on the cell phone. All of a sudden, she bursts out "Oh, this is our stop! Come on, let's go!" and proceeds to grab her son's arm with the non-cell phone hand and DRAG him off the train. The kid is screaming "MOM, I NEED TO PUT MY SHOE ON!" but the mom isn't hearing any of this because she's still talking on the cell phone.

So now the image consists of a mom talking on her cell phone in one hand and her other hand dragging her child off the train while child is holding onto one shoe. The child isn't even WALKING. He's being dragged on his butt because his mom pulled him out of his seat so suddently that he couldn't gain balance to stand up.

You must think us other MUNI commuters just sat and stared at this image. Nope, we did not. There were about five of us, me included, who shouted for the mother to stop dragging her kid, but she didn't pay attention to us because she was yakking on her cell phone.

Poor kid.

what to do?

If you were on the train and saw a stranger wearing the exact same shirt you were wearing today, what would you do?

Said stranger with the same shirt has not noticed your shirt because your shirt is buried under your down jacket.

Said stranger also had a jean jacket on, so her shirt was only 60% visible.

If you were getting extremely hot because there was no air flowing through the packed train and because you were wearing a down jacket, would you take off the jacket and reveal that you were wearing the exact same shirt as the stranger standing two feet away from you?

At first I didn't want to take off my jacket. How weird would that be to see someone with the exact same shirt as you were wearing? What are the chances of that happening? I mean, I know that people buy the same clothes, but what really are the chances of having two completely random people be on the same train, standing a couple feet apart and be wearing the same exact shirt?

But then I got really hot. Sweat beads were forming on my forehead. Of all days for the train to have it's air conditioning off, it had to be today. I couldn't take the heat anymore, so I took off my jacket, and revealed my shirt to all. Several people around us noticed that we were wearing the same shirt. These people had puzzled looks on their faces and were probably wondering how two strangers ended up wearing the same shirt. The stranger with the same shirt didn't notice until I saw a seat and sat down. She gave me a puzzled look too, and I shrugged. What else are you supposed to say to one another?

"Nice shirt."
"Yeah, I have one just like yours."

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sweet yummy chocolaty goodness

Birthdays are fun, especially when it's the Boy's birthday. I've been benefitting all week from everyone taking him out to lunch or dinner. The best part is that the Boy doesn't like to eat sweets, so therefore, all the desserts go to me! Whee!

When we were at Plumpjack's, I had...I mean we had a mini chocolate cake that had fudge and caramal baked inside the center. So when I cut into it, all the chocolately caramel goodness came oozing out with just the right warmth that melts in your mouth. Makes my mouth water just remembering it. The cake was served with a scoop of lavender ice cream, which I didn't like too much. Lavender is nice for lotion, not too good to eat though. As a matter of fact, the lavender ice cream kept reminding me of my bottle of lavender body lotion at home. The Boy ate up all the ice cream, which was good because I devoured that mini chocolate cake as if I would never have another piece of cake ever again.

Then the next day at work, the Boy's co-workers surprised him with a mini chocolate bunt cake. And being the wonderfully sweet and caring boyfriend that he is (and also because he doesn't like sweets), he gave the cake to me. To eat in full. Chocolate cake two days in a row, whoo hoo!

And then we had dinner with the Boy's mother. Home made lasagna and brownies. BROWNIES! A whole tray of brownies just for the Boy (his mother knew that the brownies were made realistically for me and her to gorge upon). Brownies are so good when they come out warm and served with a heaping scoop of mint chocolate chip ice-cream. Yummy yummy goodness.

Now that his birthday week is over, I am having chocolate cravings like there is no tomorrow. And I have this Nazi (the Boy) reminding me that I've done much damage to my healthy diet and therefore need to work off the calories. I'll gladly do another hour at the gym if I can have chocolate cake everyday (I sound like that Hamburger guy from Popeye's). Oh how I long for some warm chocolate cake served with a couple scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I don't know how I'd survive without chocolate.

Well, I guess I can gorge on chocolately goodness again when my birthday arrives in two weeks. And the best part is, I'll be celebrating a friend's wedding in Little Rock the week before my birthday, which means a whole extra week of celebrating when I return to San Francisco afterwards!

hee hee

Monday, March 20, 2006

crazy weather

6:35 am -- rain

7:30 am -- foggy skies

8:00 am -- cloudy skies, some sun peeking through

9:30 am -- rain sprinkles

10:00 am -- sun is coming through the clouds

10:45 am -- sun is gone

11:15 am -- rain

11:30 am -- back to sprinkles

12:00 pm -- cloudy skies

12:45 pm -- low clouds, so it looks depressing outside

1:15 pm -- rain sprinkles

1:35 pm -- it's hailing ice now

1:55 pm -- hail stops

2:00 pm -- clouds are lifting

2:30 pm -- sun is bright

2:48 pm -- not a single cloud in my line of vision (which is through the atty's window in front of my cubicle).

I bet you it will rain again at 3:56pm today.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pretty Kitty


I need a belly rub.

You are disturbing my beauty rest.

Mommy's lap is so comfy. I like getting my hair all over her fleece snowman pajamas too.

Time for nap.

My mommy has the nicest pajamas. Citrus Girl she is tonight.

Why the discrimination?

I took the Boy out for his birthday dinner at Plumpjack Cafe last night. Let's just say I was NOT impressed with their service. See below:

When the Boy excused himself to go to the little boy's room, the host quickly came over and refolded the Boy's napkin and set it neatly on the table. Immediately I thought that was good service, to be so attentive like that, and it's necessary at classy restuarants like Plumpjack.

Here's the first snub I got: When I excused myself to the little girl's room, I returned to the table with my napkin still in an unfolded heap where I left it on my seat. Hmph. The Boy laughed as he noticed the host wasn't paying attention to me.

Here's the second snub I got: The Boy had to go to the little boy's room again, and again, the host came over and re-folded the Boy's napkin and set it on the table.

Here's the third snub I got: We had ordered dessert first, probably 15 minutes before the two cronies next to our table ordered their creme brulee. BUT their dessert came out before ours did. And I know the waiter saw my nasty stare when he delivered the cronies' creme brulee, and yet he didn't say anything.

Here's the fourth snub I got: When we were ready to leave, the host actually held out the Boy's coat to help him into it. As I was standing there waiting for the host to help me, he just patted the Boy's back and then walked away from me. I had to put on my own coat. WTF?

So as soon as we were outside, the Boy is cracking up while trying to hail us a cab and I'm saying out loud: "I have a skirt on. I have a low cut shirt on. I was obvious that I am your girlfriend, therefore you are not gay. Why did they ignore me like that? And not only was I the only Asian person in the land of White man in there, I am apparantly am not the correct sex either! Goodness, what does it take to get good service around here? And why bother buttering up to you when you're not paying for dinner because I told them it was your birthday so you'd think they'd be extra nice to me. Do I need a penis to get good service in there? I'm telling Mayor Newsom he needs to have his resturant staff go study at Gary Dankos."

And my food was way too salty.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Farewell BB

This morning, BB was not moving. She was just floating around in the fish tank. The Boy and I decided it was time for her funeral at the toilet.

I fished her out with a net and proceeded to the toilet. Said a quick goodbye and dropped her into the toilet bowl. And then she LIVES! BB started swimming around lopsided and opening her mouth.

"Fish murderer!" the Boy screamed.

"I thought she was dead! You saw that she didn't move either!" I said.

After staring at the toilet watching this black eyed goldfish try to swim straight, I asked the Boy what to do. The consensus was to leave BB in the toilet and if she was still swimming when we came back from lunch, we'd fish her out of the toilet and put her back in the tank.

Lunch came and went. I took a look in the toilet and BB is not moving. Just to make sure, I poked her with the fish net and her mouth didn't even open and her gills didn't move at all. It was finally time to pull the handle and hope that BB will have happy days in fishy heaven.

And just in case BB was somehow miraculously still alive after a flush down the toilet, I stick to the fact that she will be flushed out to sea, convert to salt water living and continue to thrive. Little Nemo did it, so can BB.

I did not commit fish homicide.

lasagna and hail

Last night, I made lasagna from scratch for the very first time.

(The Boy sorta rolled his eyes when I first announced my cooking goal earlier in the week. My specialty is cooking Asian food, and he didn't think I could accomplish anything outside that range. But I really wanted to make lasagna and Martha Stewart's recipe seemed easy enough to do so.)

I soaked the lasagna noodles. I made the sausage tomato sauce. I assembled the lasagna, layer by layer, topping it off with a ton of mozzerella. And then I looked at the pre-baked assembly and thought to myself: "Well, that doesn't look like the stuff I ate in middle school. It's so...flat." Putting my trust into Martha Stewart's recipe, I covered the lasagna with foil and stuck it in the oven for an hour.

While the lasagna was cooking, I tidied the apartment up a bit. Fed Stella some of her favorite Whiskas and played with her for a little bit. I also noticed that Bebe was floating in a very strange position and it looked like the end was near for her (She's been sick but all the fish remedies I've tried hasn't been working). But she was clearly still breathing and moving one fin, so I let her be.

As I was sweeping the floor, I heard a loud "BOOM!" and the lights, tv and streetlights all went black for a whole second, then turned back on again. Stella jumped a mile high from the noise and I swear my own heart stopped beating. The first thought that came to my mind: "That couldn't be the lasagna exploding, could it?" Before I could think of another scenario, there was another loud "BOOM!" but the lights didn't black out and now I'm thinking car bomb somewhere. I was afraid to go check on the lasagna for fear that it might have been my ancient oven exploding in the kitchen. Then I hear sirens so I look out my bedroom window and people are looking everywhere for the source of the BOOM. Two minutes later, there was another BOOM and the hail started coming down like it was on a mission to wipe out San Francisco. It only took five minutes for the hail to completely cover the streets and make the streets look like it had been snowed on. It was so surreal I had to take pictures.

It has never been this cold in San Francisco. I'm sure it has never snowed in San Francisco, or it hasn't in the last few decades. All over the Bay Area there were reports of snow and slick ice and people who've never experienced the tundra were trying to make a snow man out of this slush that just dropped upon us. Why the bizarre weather this month? Me thinks the end of the world is coming.

Well, the lasagna turned out great and the Boy ate it up with such fervor, one would have thought he hadn't eaten in days. And plus, he gave me two thumbs up for my cooking. =)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Fries & Fluffy

A conversation with the Boy at Burgermeister last night:

BF: You can't have fries.

Me: Why not?

BF: It's the middle of the week. Remember your healthy eating diet? Good food Monday through Friday and then you can cheat on the weekends?

Me: Oh yeah. That diet.

BF: Yep, so you have have any burger you want, but no fries.

Me: Oh all right, you Nazi.

BF: What's that?

Me: Nothing *kiss kiss kiss*

Waiter: What would you like to order?

Me: Avocado burger, well done, no cheese.

Waiter: What kind of side would you like with that? Fries, cole slaw or salad?

Me: [without skipping a beat] FRIES!

Waiter: And you [looking at the Boy], what would you like to order?

[meanwhile, I'm sheepishly smiling at the Boy b/c I think I got away with ordering fries when I'm not supposed to. It also dawns on the Boy that he heard me say "fries."]

BF: Did you just order fries?

Me: Well, he asked? What was I supposed to say? No?

BF: That's correct!

[both of us are now doubling over with laughter because I was so quick.]

Waiter: Um, what's so funny?

BF: I told her she couldn't order fries, and as soon as you asked her, she said "FRIES!" because you "asked".

Waiter: [looking at me] That's slick.

BF: I can't believe that.

Waiter: She's cool. Your order?

BF: I'll just have a regular burger, medium well.

Waiter: And what kind of side would you like with that?

BF: No fries.

Waiter: Cole slaw? Salad? It comes with the meal.

BF: No sides. I'll just share hers.

Waiter: Your order will be right out.

[the Boy and I walk to our table]

BF: I'm taking away one of your cheating meals this weekend. You have to replace one meal with a salad.

Me: Oh gosh.

After dinner, we went to see a comedy show headlining Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy. One of his famous jokes:

There's five levels of fatness: big, fat, husky, fluffy and DAMN! I'm level 4, Fluffy, not quite DAMN! And I'm comfortable with being fluffy, even if most say "DAMN!" when they first see me. That's because they don't know my five levels of fatness.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

time travel would be cool

Currently reading "The Time Traveler's Wife" and I'm only on page 62 but so far Henry's time travelling tales is quite intriguing. All I want to know is why did he feel the need, at age 15, to travel back in time three months to jerk off in the presence of his past self. And then I was a bit confused as to whether his father caught just his past self doing the deed or if his father caught both Henrys and that was the reason he ran off in a huff.

I don't know. Maybe I should finish the book before I start analyzing.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

IKEA Granding Opening Hell

There's a new IKEA in West Sacramento and since the Boy needs new furniture for his living room, we decided to go see what the new IKEA had in store.

Last night, when we drove by at 8:30pm and saw a line of cars still waiting to get into the IKEA parking lot (the store was due to close at 9pm), we decided that we'll get up early and get to IKEA a little before it opens at 10 am. Good idea, right? So very wrong, very very wrong.

Well, at 9:55am, we turned into the IKEA Court roadway, or whatever, that leads up to the monsterous blue building and proceeded to inch slowly behind 50,000 other cars that were trying to get to the store too. The parking lot was already three quarters full and the store wasn't even open yet! There were also about a million cops, firetrucks and ambulances there too. After twenty minutes of inching our way to the next available parking spot, we went inside and were surrounded by a bazillion people in the showroom. Everyone racing to get a yellow IKEA shopping bag and continue to fill it up with cheap IKEA stuff (Oh look, a 10 piece tool set for just $5.99--you need that!). I gave the Boy a warning: "After all this, you better not leave IKEA empty handed. You better buy something, even if it's just a wine glass." I get a little claustrophobic in crowded places, but my mind somehow seemed to manage the crowd today.

After an hour and a half of the Boy point to every sofa and me sitting on every sofa and showing my dislike for the lack of comfort, the Boy ended up not buying a single item. To save ourselves from wasting our time, I bought a couple of dishes and picture frames. And then I treated us to a wonderful hot dog lunch for $3.50. Can't beat that!

But, the Boy still has no furniture and we are still forced to sit on the floor to watch TV.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

What a picture

I can't stop laughing. This picture is hilarious and cute at the same time.

I have to give credit where credit is due--I came across the picture from browsing through this blog: