Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the runaround

I have this theory that the Cashier's Office, Admissions Office and the Financial Office hate each other and don't want to deal with one another directly. Each office is located on the first floor of the Administration Building and is right next to one another. But, in trying to figure out the school will deduct non-residency fees from my tuition, I get passed from one office to another.

Me at Cashier's Office: Hi, I want to know why I'm still being charged non-resident tuition when I was approved for residency last week.

Cashier's Office Employee: Well, I'm looking at your account and it doesn't look like you were approved for residency. Are you sure you got approved?

Me: Yes, I got the letter last week saying I was approved. How long does it take for the Admissions Office to relay that information to you?

Cashier Office: Well, they don't tell us directly. They just make a change in the system and everything updates automatically.

Me: um..okay...

Cashier Office: So, you should go to the Admissions Office and make sure they actually approved you for residency status.

Me: Alright.

---- ---- ----

Me at Admissions Office: Hi, I got a letter from your office approving my residency petition, but I'm still being charged non-resident tuition and I just printed the bill this morning.

Admissions Office Employee: Oh? When did you get approved?

Me: I got the letter last week.

Admissions Office: Well, let me look you up. It says here that you're a resident.

Me: Well then how long does it take for the Cashier's Office to make the changes and deduct the non-resident fees?

Admissions Office: It should have been done already. Are you sure you're being billed for non-residency?

Me: Here's the bill I printed this morning. And if you look at it, I got charged twice for the non-resident fee -- which doesn't make sense at all.

Admissions Office: That really is weird. As soon as we update you in the system as a resident, your fees should have been adjusted accordingly. Maybe the Financial Aid office has a hold on your account?

Me: Why would they that?

Admissions Office: Did you get all of your financial aid already? Because the change in your residency status might deduct your financial aid.

Me: Well, I'm just waiting for them to certify a private loan, and even that is taking forever.

Admissions Office: I'd go talk to the Financial Aid Office.

Me: Um okay.

--- --- ---

Me at Financial Aid Office: Hi, I just got approved for resident status but I'm still being charged for non-resident tuition, charged twice actually, and Cashiers and Admissions Office think you have an answer why.

Financial Aid Office employee: Well, they're wrong. We don't deal with residency. We don't know why you're being charged non-resident fees. You need to go tell Cashiers Office it's their job to figure out the tuition fees.

Me: Do you guys talk to one another? Do the people in Financial Aid just hate the people in Admissions and Cashiers, and vice versa?

Financial Aid Office: Why do you say that?

Me: Because no one can give me an answer and each keeps sending me to another office for the answer.

Financial Aid Office: I don't know. Go ask the Cashier's Office.

At this point I am pounding my head on the counter. And I'm still being charged more than a regular non-resident student is being charged even though I'm now a resident and should be charged much less. Did that make any sense?

Friday, August 24, 2007

a contracts lesson from a fed tax professor

Fed Tax Professor:

"There is this case about a couple of pet companies and the enforcement of a contract. Arizona Pet Store sells all sorts of weird animials for pets, lizard, parrots and the like, and has a couple who wants to buy bald eagles as pets. As you know, bald eagles are on the endangered species list and thus it is illegal to own bald eagles for pets.

Well, being a shady pet store, Arizona Pet Store finds a Mexico Pet Store who has baby bald eagles for sale. So, Arizona Pet Store contracts with Mexico Pet Store to buy a couple of baby bald eagles. Mexico Pet Store puts the baby bald eagles in a box and ships it off to Arizona Pet Store. Upon delivery, Arizona Pet Store opens up the box to find two sickly-looking-disease-infested-feathers-falling-off bald eagles. Two days later, the baby bald eagles die.

Mexico Pet Store then sues Arizona Pet Store for payment of the bald eagle. They made a contract to deliver bald eagles and deserves payment because they delivered the bald eagles.

So, Ms. Student, will the courts force Arizona Pet Store to pay for services provided by Mexico Pet Store?"

Student: "No, because it was an illegal activity."

Fed Tax Professor: "Oh that's right. Courts will not enforce ill-eagle contracts."

The class then responds in a slow (and low) laughter. There was even a small group applauding the professor for his contracts lesson.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

what's wrong with this picture?

I see this image on my walk to school everyday. I've been back in KC for almost two weeks and the sign is still in the tree.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

notes from first day of classes

Civil Procedure II -- Jurisdiction:

Class starts at 10am. A student walks into class at 10:30am.

Professor: Well hello. Thanks for joining us. There's only one seat left down here in the front row, so come on down and take your seat. Wait, nevermind. You're interrupting my class so just sit right there on the floor. Yep, right where you're standing, just sit on the floor.

Student sits on the floor, in the middle of the aisle. Then after about ten minutes, he gets up, walks outside of the classroom. Two seconds after the door closes, the student walks back into class, picks up his bag from the floor and announces "I think I'm in the wrong class," and proceeds to leave the class permanently.

Professor: I wonder if he think he's in the wrong class because he just heard ten minutes of my lecture or if he just can't stand personal jurisdiction.

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Federal Taxation Joke of the Day

There was an article about a man who went down to hell and came back to tell us all about it. In the article, the man said that when he was down in hell, there were two doors that people were lining up in front of. One door was labeled the "Communist Door" and the other was labeled the "Capitalist Door." There was a significantly long line in front of the Communist Door and absolutely no one in line for the Capitalist Door.

Intrigued with this observation, the man went to the end of the line for the Communist Door and asked the last guy in line, "Hey, what's so popular with the Communist Door? What do they do to you once you go through the door?"

The last guy in line responds: "Oh, they whip you, then boil you in hot oil, then string you up and whip you some more, then skin you alive. The usual."

The man thought to himself "How horrible!" and seriously thought about running to the Capitalist Door and walking right on in. But before he acted upon that thought, he asked the last guy in line to the Communist Door, "Gee, what happens to you when you go through the Capitalist Door?"

The last guy in line replies, "Oh, they do the same thing. The only difference is that the communists always run out of whips, hot oil, string, knives......"

**Get it? Hardy har har?**

---- ---- ---- ----- ----

Product Liability:

The professor for product liability began setting up his notes and books on the podium in preparation to start the lecture for the class. He then walks to the back of the class to do something.

The professor I had for Criminal Law last year walks into class, up to the podium and proceeds to close the Product Liability Professor's books and notes, then puts it all in a pile on the corner of the desk. Criminal Law Professor continues to set up his books on the podium.

Okay, at this point in time, half the class (the half that had Criminal Law Professor the first semester of law school) kinda starts freaking out because he was really intimidating in class. At first, I thought it was some set-up for a product liability demonstration. Then I thought it was some practical joke. But it was neither. Criminal Law Professor was just absent minded.

Criminal Law Professor looks up from the podium, probably seeing a bunch of confused looks staring back at him, and sees Product Liability Professor at the back of the room with an equally confused look on his face.

Criminal Law Professor asks Product Liability Professor: "Is this your classroom?"

Product Liability Professor: "Um, yes. It's reserved for product liability."

Criminal Law Professor: "Oh I'm sorry! I must be in the wrong classroom."

As soon as Criminal Law Professor walks out the door, all of his former students, myself included, let out a sigh of relief. We did not want to relive our days in Criminal Law.

---- ---- ---- ---- ----

International Law:

Quote of the day from Professor: I don't assign reading for the first day of classes because nobody ever really does first day assignments and I don't really get to to discuss the first day assignments so then we get behind on our reading before we really even started.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

Business Organization Professor's Thoughts on the Attendance Policy:

"I hate the attendance policy and I think it stinks. It shouldn't be applicable whatsoever."

You think this was a good thought, but no, he further explains why he hates the attendance policy.

"It's ridiculously that you can miss eight classes in one semester. I just wanted to allow you guys to miss two classes max, but I was outnumbered so each of you can miss eight classes without penalty."

Sunday, August 19, 2007


oh yeah, I did finish reading Harry Potter 7. I finished it in two days with the sacrifice of food and sleep, but it was worth.

It was such a good ending. Ah, what to do now that Harry Potter mania is over?

public art

San Francisco had the giant hearts on display throughout the city. Chicago has giant globes of the Earth on display throughout Navy Pier.

2L here I come

The beginning to 2L starts tomorrow and I think I screwed myself over when I registered for classes last spring.

For starters, I'll be in school from 10am until 5:15pm tomorrow -- that's like ALL day! First, it's Civil Procedure II at 10am, then Fed Tax at 11am (which normally only goes until noon, but for some odd reason, the professor decided to extend the first class until 12:45pm -- grr). I'll have time to swallow some food and take a breather before going to an advanced torts class (Product Liability) at 2:30pm (also a class that is an eighty minutes class instead of the usual fifty minutes). The final class of the day is an international law class that goes from 4:00 to 5:15pm, which afterwards I will probably go home, eat dinner and watch tv until I crash. This schedule repeats itself on Wednesdays.

The good part, I think, is that I only have one class on Tuesdays and Thursdays -- business organizations. Although, the class is at 8am and is two hours long. I think I will become a coffee addict this semester. Well, this will give me time to the reading for the marathon Wednesday classes (or it allows time for me to find a job where people will pay me to work).

I would like to have Fridays free, but I have an 11am class and a 2pm class. At least I can sleep in on Fridays, and then slack off for the rest of the afternoon.

A great plus this semester is that I now have "an office" at school. Okay, I share an office with another classmate, but still, it beats studying in the library with all the first years. Anyway, I can keep all my books in my office, keep my extra laptop power cord in my office, eat in my office, sleep in my office -- which all ensures that I will not have to lug a ton of books back home, my santuary where I just want to veg out in front of the TV.

And since I've been good in getting all of my first day assignments completed this morning, I am now going to watch Big Brother and see who Danielle nominates for eviction.

Go 2L!

Friday, August 17, 2007

magnificent mile of dresses

Hi People! I'm alive! And back in good ole KC. Sorry I've been MIA for a while there -- I had no internet access during my last week in Peoria, and then I had to move and unpack back in KC.

But here I am, trying to update my blog with recent pictures and stories of my weekend in The Windy City.

First up, a series of dresses that decorated the sidewalks of the Magnificent Mile.