Friday, July 23, 2010

weenie dog

Here's a literal translation of a "weenie dog".*

Sooo cute!  And the puppy even looks worried that it might be eaten.  Aww!

*photo was taken from a friend's facebook profile page.

Friday, July 02, 2010

north carolina bbq

I went to Asheville, North Carolina last weekend to attend a dear friend's wedding. I've never been to North Carolina before, and my dear friend was getting married in the middle of the woods somewhere, so I wasn't expecting to do much. Plus, I kinda figured Asheville was not the typical big city I am accustomed to.

Before I left, The Boy asked what I was going to do while I was in Asheville. I told him that: 1) I was only going to be there for about two days, one of which was the day of the wedding; and 2) what the hell do I know about what to do in Asheville, I've never been there.  He suggested that I should probably go try out a BBQ joint since that's what the south is known for.

So, I suggested to L and S that we should have some BBQ before they headed for the airport and I headed for Asheville for the day. We ended up at this place below, which was highly recommended by our innkeeper (ha, can't believe I used the word innkeeper) over the other place (Pat's BBQ or Fred's BBQ or some other first name that I can't recall at the moment):

North Carolina BBQ

We were there right when it opened at 11:00am on a Sunday.

We went to Phil's BBQ Pit and Phil did not disappoint. All flavors of hot sauces were available at each table for your own creation in blending flavors (my favorites were the mustard and hot sauces combined).
BBQ sauces

I ordered the half rack combo, which came with hushpuppies, baked beans, and vinegar based cole slaw.  The ribs were finger-licking-oh-so-good-meat-just-falls-off-the-bone deliciousness.
Half Rack Combo with Hushpuppies, Vinergar Cole Slaw & Baked Beans

People, I hate mayonnaise and therefore I usually will not eat cole slaw. But I am in LOVE with vinegar based cole slaw because it is not loaded with creamy, white stuff (obviously), and it has a more pickled flavor - the taste is like a much lighter version of kimchi but without the spice. Can we get some of that out West?
BBQ goodness

The decor at Phil's was an awesome sight too. Notice the piece of twisted metal from a NASCAR racecar hanging on the wall here?

The boar's head was nicely decorated with it's own accessories.

I had noticed there were hats hanging all over the ceiling, but couldn't really figure out why they had hats in addition to license plates from different parts of the country. Then I saw the sign and it all made sense:

Too bad we didn't have time to play a round of mini-golf.
and here's the mini-golf course

Now I wish I could go to Phil's BBQ this weekend and have some more ribs or maybe the pulled pork sandwich.  Why can't someone bring a real BBQ joint to San Francisco?