Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jelly Belly Fatty Catty

After leaving Jellies at home alone for 3 days, I think she's getting a little more plump. She's not bony to the touch anymore, and plus I notice that she feels heavier when she sleeps on my stomach. Makes me wonder about my boyfriend's comment: "Why does every living thing you own end up getting fat?" Food is good!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Memoirs of a Geisha

I saw the previews for the movie and so I just have to read the book to compare it to the movie. And now, I CAN'T PUT THE BOOK DOWN!! This is so bad. Especially with an LSAT test for this Saturday. I should be reading LSAT questions, not Memoirs of a Geisha. Thank goodness for MUNI trains--20 minutes of reading on the way to work should satisfy my cravings.

Boyfriend Quote of the Day: "Stop reading! It's not healthy for you! Reading causes cancer! You know you would enjoy the movie more if you didn't have to compare every scene to the book. They can't fit 700 pages into 2 hours!" (He's referring to Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. I haven't told him that I have been reading Memoirs of a Geisha yet...)

Monday, November 28, 2005

Massages and More

More about our spa weekend getaway:

So, after reporting my running shoes as lost on Saturday morning, we proceeded to the spa to continue to pamper ourselves with a massage and body wrap. Now, I am uncomfortable with strange men touching my body, even if it is in a professional setting like a doctor's office or a spa facility. So, I was quite surprised to see a male masseuse waiting for me in the treatment room. I had also had a male specialist work on my facial on Friday, but he was clearly gay so I didn't care. My masseuse, however, was not clearly gay, so the entire time he was "massaging" my body, all I could think about was whether or not he was gay, whether this constitutes as cheating, whether or not I should enjoy this massage or be wracked with guilt that a strange man is touching my body. It was even weirder when he started digging his fingers into my butt...I mean, it felt good, but it also hurt like hell because my glutes were still sore from a workout two days ago. In comparing this male masseuse to the female one I last had, he was more forceful with his motions, therefore resulting in getting deeper into my sore muscles, which was good. In the end, however, I didn't enjoy the massage as much as I could have because I couldn't confirm whether he was gay or not.

After my massage, I waited for my seaweed body wrap. You can imagine my surprise when my gay facialist was waiting for me in another treatment room. Okay, I didn't care that a gay man was working on my face, but having him see me naked was another thing, even if he is gay. Anyhow, I felt rushed throughout the process and seaweed stinks, but the sixteen head shower was pretty cool.

I later learned from my friend that they had disposable panties for the body wrap so the exfoliant/scrub/pasty thing didn't ruin your real undies. I was not offered the disposable panties from my gay facialist/beautician/dude. I was buck naked. This discovery did not make me feel any better.

Upon our return from the spa, I decided to call the guests in Room 799 to ask about my size 7 Aasics running shoes, with red paint in the left shoe, that I left in a small black bag in the closet of Room 799. After a day of shopping at the Napa Premium Outlets, watching the Christmas parade in downtown Napa, spending oodles of money at Wal-Mart, and watching RENT at the movies (never seen the theater version but I hope it's much better than the corny movie), we return to our room with absolutely no message from the Resort or the Guests from Room 799 about my shoes.

So before we checked out of the resort on Sunday, I first call the Guests in Room 799 to ask about my shoes. When there was no answer, I call the front desk to ask about the shoes again and they had my shoes! It was turned in by the Guests of Room 799 on Saturday evening! And they didn't think to call to tell me about it??? WTF??

Well, I finally get my shoes back and we pack up to head home. We had lunch in the downtown Napa where we also visited numerous chocolate stores (mint chocolate truffle is yummy).

Overall, it could have been a better weekend.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Why me?

It's 8:20 am and I'm supposed to be sleeping in, but here I am typing away to let off some steam. Why do I need to let off steam, you ask? Because I was supposed to have three days of "rest and relaxation" but have yet to experience that. And it's only the second day!

So my friend and I reserved this weekend to pamper ourselves at the Silverado Resort and Spa for the weekend. We arrived two hours before check in time so that we can explore the resort, enjoy the pool, maybe sit in the jacuzzi for half an hour before our first spa appointment. HA. That, apparantly was too much to ask for.

2pm: We check in at the resort and everything is going well. They assign us to a standard, cozy king-size bedroom. There's a phone, a tv, a mini-bar and wireless internet--what else could we want? So I had my laptop with me to aid us in looking up directions and finding things to do around Napa. Who needs to prepare weeks beforehand when you can look things up on the spot? That's what a laptop and INTERNET is for, right? Well, when we tried to connect my laptop to the wireless network, there was absolutely no signal (no available networks). After calling the front desk and the internet provider, both of whom were no help, we decided to take my laptop for a little walking expedition since the Resort boasted that we could even access the internet at poolside.

2:30pm: Okay, so lugging my 10 lb laptop to the pool, we were able to get it to recognize that there is a wireless network available but the signal was still too weak to connect to it. So then we lugged my laptop to the "Mansion", the place where we first checked-in and tried getting a wireless signal there. Lo and behold it worked! Excellent strength and everything! But before we decided to pay for the $9.99/24 hour internet usage, we wanted to see if we could change rooms so that we were located closer to the Mansion because it seemed that the closer we were to the Mansion, the better the wireless signal.

2:45pm: Being the accommodating Resort, the nice, blond lady at the front desk tells us that Room 499 is available. But before we agree to change rooms, we lug my laptop to where Room 499 is located to check the wireless signal. A full four bars, which is great! So just to be sure, we walk around the area to make sure the wireless signal was still strong, and it was. We walk back and tell the nice blond lady that we do want to switch rooms and we'll take Room 499. But oh no, she gives us the keys to Room 451. We figure it's in the area of 499 so we take all our things out of Room 799 and move into Room 451.

3:15 pm: Upon arriving at Room 451, we realize they gave us a Suite instead of a Standard room. There was a separate living room, a kitchen and a bedroom. We thought they gave us a free upgrade and were very excited about it. But then we thought maybe they thought that we wanted a bigger room instead of a room with better a wireless signal. Not wanting to go through the drama of having to argue with the Manager over the higher charges for the room, we call the front desk and ask the blond lady if she assigned us the Suite on purpose. She thought we were assigned to a Suite earlier so therefore she gave us another Suite. We asked if we would get charged more, and she said yes. So then we asked to get a Standard room and wait for her to call us back and give us another room, Room 431, and a bell boy comes by a few minutes later to give us the room key.

3:45 pm: We see the bellboy drive up and run out to meet him and grab the keys and then walked around in a circle to find Room 431. We saw the room, but we didn't see a real door. So we circled the building in an attempt to find a real door (Room 431 had one of those patio doors that slides instead of opening like a real door). As soon as we figured out there was no real door, we walk towards the sliding door, with key in hand, to attempt to open it. You won't believe what happened next. Another bellboy was opening the door to Room 431 and helping two other guests with their luggage. They were going into Room 431. And it didn't look like they were gonna go out. So we asked the bellboy if that was indeed Room 431. He agreed and we cried "NOOOO!!"

4:00 pm: The bellboy took our bags and gave us a ride back to the Mansion, where we hunt down the blond lady and inform her that someone already checked into Room 431 as we got there. She apologized and went to investigate why that happened. Something about a computer system switching over, some laughing in the back, and the blond lady assigned us to yet another room, room #4, Room #498. The bellboy helps us with our luggage and gives us a ride to Room 498. It's located upstairs and we follow the bellboy as he's carrying our luggage to our room. To all of our surprise, my friend, the bellboy and I, Room 498 was in no livable condition because it wasn't cleaned yet. My friend and I were about ready to kill someone. The bellboy calls the front desk, tells them what happened and adds that they should assign us the presidential suite for the troubles we've gone through. No such thing happened.

4:15 pm: The blond lady calls back and tells the bellboy to take us to our fifth room, #444. So we all hop back into the golf cart and ride on over to #444, where we tell the bellboy to check the room first because we didn't feel like getting off for no reason. He tells us the room is decent and looks fine. We give the room glance over and agree that it's fine, mainly because we had a 5pm spa appointment and we had to be there a half hour early. So we throw our things in the room but the bellboy tells us that he has to go to the front desk to grab our room keys so we had to wait for him to return. About ten minutes later, he returns with the keys so we can lock our patio door and he whisks us to the spa. We got there at 4:30 but we were so not relaxed.

Our first spa treatment for the weekend was decent. My 50 minute facial sure wasn't worth the $120 price, and my friend's deep tissue massage worth the price either. However, we had a great dinner at a tapas restaurant in town and enjoyed Harry Potter 4 (it skipped so many chapters that everything seemed to happen so quickly!).

Upon waking up this morning, I realized that I didn't have my running shoes. As I was re-tracing my steps, I realized that I had left my sneakers in the closet of Room #799, the first room we were in. Of course these things only happen to me.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gobble Gobble

My first real, traditional Thanksgiving dinner was great! I still can't believe how big the turkey was! Here's a photo diary of the event:

I made mashed potatoes for the first time in my life. I think the cranberry sauce came from a can.

Green Bean Casserole--a bit creamy for my liking but good, nonetheless. And cranberry sauce.

Baked Ham.

And of course, the Turkey.

And we are all suffering from a food coma. Naptime.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

too early for holiday cheer?

On the MUNI this morning, the conductor announced over the intercom:

"I don't know if you know this, but MUNI loves you. I love you. I don't know if you love MUNI, but MUNI loves you very much. God bless, have a nice day and a very Happy Thanksgiving."

The first time he said it, we all smiled and thought "how sweet and kind." But then he kept making the announcement at every single stop. So after the tenth stop, most of us were wondering if he wasn't just a bit tipsy this morning.

On a Thanksgiving note, I'll be having my first traditional turkey dinner tomorrow. Whoo-hoo! Looking forward to seeing what a real oven baked turkey looks like. And then there's pie. yummy thoughts

Thursday, November 17, 2005

More Jellies

Just wanted to post pictures of the latest addition to my household. She's so pretty!.
Exploring the new digs...Chilling Out

Jelly Belly

litter box - $14.99
kitty litter - $5.99
food and water dish - $2.99 x 2
cat food - $7.99
cat toys - $3.99
cat condo - $35.99

This precious furball of love sitting in my lap -- priceless.

Thank you, Q, for letting me adopt her!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How to easily get noticed

1. Wear slacks and long sleeved button down shirts to work every day for a month. Not hard to do with San Francisco weather. Note: With the San Francisco weather, you may have to wear this outfit for more than a month (and even toss in some scarfs, mittens, turtlenecks, etc. to keep warm).

2. At the first sign of sunshine and 70 degree forecasts from the weatherman, wear a simple skirt and fitted top and some comfortable work pumps. No need to go all out, just show some leg.

3. Go to work on sunny 70 degree weather day, smile and say "Thank you" as your co-workers compliment you on how pretty you look in a skirt and ask why you are suddenly so dressed up ("Does someone have a special date tonight?").

I guess I'll have a special date every night this week if the nice weather keeps up for the week. =)

Lost in Translation -- Part 2

How funny that as soon as I write about one language, I get an email with a link that opens up a cartoon making fun of the Vietnamese language. People mess up my name all the time, and I can probably relate to many who also have had their name butchered by someone who doesn't speak their language.

Anyhow, this cartoon is funny, but if you're easily offended by racial jokes, I suggest you don't click on the link. And for all those who wants a laugh, click here for a short demonstration of how to make Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup aka Pho.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Lost in Translation

The following are Cantonese sentences we did in class today. These sentences are the nine points of Chinese grammar. The following is an example of using one of our vocab words to demonstrate the sentence structures.

Sentences in Cantonese:
1. Ngoh daaih bihn.
2. Ngoh mh daaih bihn.
3. Neih daaih mh daaih bihn a?
4. Neih daaih bihn ma?
5. Neih daaih gan bihn.
6. Neih daaih jo bihn.
7. Neih wuih daaih bihn.
8. Neih daaih mh daaih gan bihn a?
9. Neih daaih jo bihn meih a?

The following is the book's English translation of the above sentences:
1. I make a bowel movement.
2. I do not make a bowel movement.
3. Do you make or not make a bowel movement?
4. Do you make a bowel movement?
5. You are making a bowel movement.
6. You made a bowel movement already.
7. You will make a bowel movement.
8. Are you making a bowel movement?
9. Have you made a bowel movement?

These are the actual words used when one of the students translated the above sentences into English:
1. I shit.
2. I do not shit.
3. Do you shit or not?
4. Do you shit?
5. You are shitting.
6. You have shitted.
7. You will shit.
8. Are you shitting?
9. Have you shitted?

I kid you not. He used those exact words in translating. The teacher could not stop because his mouth was kept open in shock.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Boyfriend Quotes

The Boy has been working a lot lately, but all the overtime hasn't stopped him from giving jerky comments. I think being overworked only encourages the Boy to be more jerky with others.

BF: "He needs to go out and hump the world!"

Me: "But he's married. He's settled down. He CHOSE to get married."

BF: "He was forced! What a waste! He still needs to hump the world!"

Me: "Oh, is that your philosophy too? Do you have to go hump the world?"

BF: "Oh no, sweetie, this doesn't apply to me. I have you and you're all I need." [and then he turns around and fakes gagging.]

This conversation was about his college friend who just got married recently.


BF's friend: "I'm a charming person, with standards. I don't just date anyone. Your BF, however, wants me to give up those standards and just go for anyone walking down the street."

BF: "That's right. Who needs standards? Hump the world!"

Me: "No standards? Does this no-standard-hump-the-world policy apply to you?"

BF: "Of course not! Who needs the world when I have you!" [again, he fakes gagging.]

BF's friend: "How do you put up with him?"

Me: "Usually, my answer would be 'I don't know." but since he's been working so much, I haven't had to put up with him."

BF: "All her friends always ask 'How, and why, do you put up with him?' Heck, all my peeps and my family asks her the same question."

Me: "Because you're the sweetest, most cutest person in the world and all I want to do is squeeze you tight!" [as I'm pinching his cheeks and saying this in the most sickening lovey dovey voice ever."


About his upcoming Vegas trip:

Me: "Your brother is going now too? Oh great. Are you going to act like you don't have a girlfriend?"

BF: "Oh no, I'll still have a girlfriend. I'll just cheat on her."

Me: "FINE! Let me make it easier for you. We're through!"

BF: "aww, isn't she so cute. She's trying to make a stand. You're so adorable!"


How can you get angry at someone if they don't take your anger seriously, and their terms of endearment ends up making you laugh?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

#1 rated joke(s) in the world

I was at a seminar today, learning about how to better prepare for trial through today's technological capabilities in the courtroom. These are two jokes that the first presenter opened with. He said they were rated #1 on CNN. Read the jokes, then tell me if they're really that funny. Note: This is from memory and not verbatim, so the funniness *might* be lost.

Joke #1: Golfing

Two men are out golfing and they both hear a funeral procession nearby. As the minister is leading the mourners to the gravesite, one of the golfers kneals down and bows in prayer. The other golfer was touched by this action and says to his fellow golfer: "That is so kind of you to bow down in prayer. I didn't know you were so spiritual."

The other man replied: "Well, it's the least I could do. I was married to her for the last 40 years."

The moral of this joke is that a paralegal should not devote his/her entire life in supporting his/her attorney. It's only a "working" relationship. Don't drop everything for a dollar. Learn how to say "NO."

Joke #2: Hunting

Two men are out hunting deer in the woods when one man suddenly collapses onto the ground. The other hunter pulls out his cell phone and calls 911.

911 Operator: This is 911. What is your emergency?

Man: Hello? I need some help. My friend collapsed and I think he's dead.

911 Operator: Ok sir, calm down. First, we have to make sure that he is really dead.

there is silence on the line, and then it's followed by a gun's BOOM!

Man: Okay, what's next?

The moral of this joke is that one must always use common sense and NOT FREAK OUT!

After 7.5 hours of listening about document production, digital imaging, trial presentation software, we get a personalized "Certificate of Completion" as proof that we did actually attend and learned from this seminar. And in addition to people not being able to say my name, some apparantly can't read and copy the spelling either. Today, my last name was Thile. At least they spelled my first name correctly.

Boyfriend quote of the week: "I don't know when I'll have time to see you while I'm working on this trial so I'm not making any committments to see you. Don't count on me to show up for any pre-scheduled cuddle time. Just assume that I won't be able to visit. That way, it'll be a surprise if I actually do show up. And then you can tell everyone how you always get 'surprise' visits from me!"