Sunday, September 16, 2007

how quickly we spend our money

I started a part-time law clerk position last week that pays $8 an hour. Yeah, totally doing it for the experience, but then again, $8 an hour is a whole lot more than being paid nothing at all.

This part-time job requires me to work on Saturday mornings. So yesterday, I reported for work at 9am and was finished at noon. The bossman paid me in cash for the day -- twenty five whole smackers!

To celebrate my first paycheck since starting law school, I decided to treat a couple of friends to cheesecake. Tiramisu, White Chocolate Coconut and Banana.

It took me 3 hours of work to earn $25. It took me only five seconds to spend it. Cheesecake was so yummy it was worth the hard work.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

i've been spoiled

My roommate spoils me. She always asks if I'm hungry or if I've eaten, and if she's already eaten when I have not, she'll offer to make something for me to eat.

I can cook for myself, and I like to cook, but I'm usually too lazy to cook after a long day at school so I just pop a Lean Cuisine into the microwave. And with a spread like the one below appearing everyday when I get home from school, how am I ever supposed to go back to eating frozen dinners after she's done with her degree in a year?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

funny picture of the day

home cooked food

I love cooking. My new roommate likes cooking too. So we decided to make some food and have a small dinner get-together.**

I made Vietnamese Spring Rolls, with peanut dipping sauce. Apparantly, I made super-size rolls because they were about twice the size a Vietnamese restaurant would serve. Nonetheless, they were yummy. I'm not just tooting my own horn either. I have witnesses!
... ... ...

My new roommate made pork dumplings from scratch. Not just the filling, even the dough! I am the lazy one and would have just gone to the market to buy premade wonton wrappers to make the dumplings, but my roommate prefers homemade dough. She made 150 dumplings. We ate about 90 dumplings for dinner. The rest are in the freezer. I wonder what we're going to have for dinner tomorrow.

... ... ... ...

My friend CC made mini-cheesecake. I think that was better than spring rolls and dumplings combined. Of course I filled my gut.

.... .... .... .... ....

**To those of you who know me and am currently thinking "Why didn't I get invited to dinner!?" don't blow a gasket. We have a small apartment with limited seating. I promise there will be more dinners to come. And you'll eventually get invited as long as you bring the cheesecake.

$6 eggs

I was at the Irish Fest yesterday and completely gorged on expensive fest food. $5 foot long Italian Sausage, $5 cherry lemonade, $5 funnel cake, and $6 Scotch egg. Yes, you read correctly. Six, 6, dollars for an egg. Not two, not three, just one single egg.

Well, okay. One single egg, split in half. That's like $3 for half an egg.
By now, you must be wondering what is a Scotch egg (or maybe you're wondering why I haven't had any Irish food since I was at an Irish Fest). Well, basically it's a hard boiled egg covered in pork sausage then deep fried.
... ... ... ...
There was a really long line in front of this food cart and we were wondering what everyone was in line for. We saw people walk away eating these rounds things, and the menu had "Scotch Egg" on it so we decided to fork over the $6 to try this "Scotch Egg".
... ... ... ...
I was expecting three eggs, or at least two eggs. What I got in exchange for my $6 was two halves of an egg. It was yummy, but it was a complete rip off. Come one now, $6 for ONE EGG? Theives!
... ... ... ...
When I got home from Irish Fest, I decided to make my own batch of Scotch Eggs for the small dinner party I was hosting the next day. For about $8, I got enough ingredients to make a dozen Scotch Eggs.

It was so yummy! And, the good part was that everyone at dinner was able to eat more than half an egg.
.... .... .... .... .... .... ....
Scotch Eggs:
6 boiled eggs
1 lb pork sausage mixed with a little flour
1 raw egg, beaten
bread crumbs
How to:
Mix flour with sausage. Press sausage around the boiled eggs. Brush with raw beaten egg and dip in bread crumbs until covered. Fry until dark, golden brown. Serve on a plate of lettuce.