Wednesday, June 03, 2009

going on hiatus

Dear fellow blog followers (all three of you),

I'm putting the blog on hiatus because I just don't have time (or the energy to muster up creativity) to post about random things this summer. I am studying for the test of my life, and these bar study classes are just zapping the energy and brain power out of me. Plus, I haven't been eating anything all that exciting so there hasn't been much to post about. However, I do have one last story to share before the break:

It was date night tonight and I decided to take The Boy to his first Korean BBQ experience at this popular joint called Brothers Restaurant. This is one of the best places for Korean food and I often frequented this place when I used to live in SF. I never took The Boy here because he never liked the idea of having to cook your own food and paying for it (that's how I described Korean BBQ to him). Well, it was my choice for dinner tonight, so that's where we went.

And you know what? He loved it too! We ordered the galbi and jap chae and of course all the little side dishes was included. He really liked the galbi and was stuffed to the gills after we were done devouring dinner. The only thing he didn't like was the smell of Korean BBQ that lingered in our hair/clothing/skin for the rest of the night. He kept saying "we stink" throughout the rest of the evening (the entire time we were trying to watch a movie).

And with that ending, I bid you all adieu. I may post once in a while if I have anything interesting to share. But until the bar exam is over and done with, I shall return to regular posting sometime in August.

Sincerely yours,