Sunday, January 30, 2011

frying games

Looky what I got as the latest addition to my kitchen gadgets!

the newest addition to the kitchen

I was so excited to try it out, the first thing I made were eggrolls (my recipe here). So here is my leaning tower of eggrolls waiting to take a plunge in the deep fryer.
my leaning tower of uncooked eggrolls

getting ready for fry day (hahaha)

I was actually able to stick in about a dozen eggrolls in one basket for frying.

watching the frying process

all fried up

That was such a good dinner! I'll have to make it again soon.
Quyen's bun cha gio (eggroll vermicelli)

The one thing I learned from this first deep frying experience is to buy a gallon size bottle of oil. Why? Because I grossly underestimated how much oil was needed for the MINIMUM fill line, and I had to run out and buy more oil. I probably would know how much oil is needed if I had read the instructions that came along with the deep fryer but who has time to read the user's manual when there are goodies to be deep fried?!

Also, after the deep frying goodness, I left the oil to cool down overnight. In the morning, when I went to pour the oil back into the bottles for disposal, the oil was still very clear and actually looked good for reusing because all the fried sediments were at the bottom of the pan. I wasn't sure if you could actually reuse the oil, so I googled it. And guess what? You can reuse frying oil - see here. So at least that saves you from buying a gallon of oil every time you want to deep fry something.

And I think every food enthusiast should have a deep fryer in their kitchen. =)

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Billy Feltner said...

Looks amazing L! Love Asian food!